A friend of mine was dating a girl. She was a nice girl, but he felt they weren't connecting and wanted to break up with her. The issue was that he couldn't find the words to do it without hurting her or devaluing the time they had shared together. He came to me and I suggested he buy her a card that could translate his feelings, but when he searched the usual greeting card offerings, he found nothing that suited his situation. I suggested he put his feelings on paper, and that's where the idea for Heart U Not came to me. My friend took my suggestion and put his real feelings on paper,  he was able to work things out with his then girlfriend who is today his wife.

Men and women need a bridge of communication for makeups, breakups and everything in between, not just Valentine's Days and anniversaries. 

At Heart U Not, we aim to be that bridge.

- A message from Timothy Hill, Heart U Not Founder and CEO



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