Tackle Life, Love And Break-Ups This Valentine’s Day With Heart U Not Greeting Cards

Heart U Not, a greeting card company specializing in helping people express their true feelings, is announcing its online grand opening on February 1, 2017.

Heart U Not is a Detroit-based greeting card company that offers products such as cards for break ups, counseling, and inspiration. In addition, the greeting card line, Heart U Not also offers Care Packages designed to help empower, relax and inspire the intended recipient. Founder of Heart U Not, Timothy Hill understands the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships even when searching for a soul mate. “Going through a break up is something everyone experiences at some point in their life. However, just because two people aren’t fit to be together, doesn’t mean that the same two people can’t have a respectful and cordial friendship. Heart U Not bridges the gap and creates a space for openness and healing.”

Prices for Heart U Not products range from $3.99 for cards to $55.00 for Care Packages. To view the online catalog and make a purchase, visit https://www.heartunot.com/

The company also offers relationship advice through its “Real Talk Thursdays” segment. To submit a relationship question simply email info@heartunot.com. Individuals will remain anonymous and have the opportunity to receive an answer on the website.