For when hearts must part

Welcome to Heart U Not. If you or someone you know is about to enter into a break up, you are at the right place. Let us be the soundtrack to your movie. To do that, we provide greeting cards that offer various sayings to express your feelings with a positive light. Feel free to view our product selections, leave your testimony, find out more about the company, or contact us to start your sweet beginning.

For when your heart is optimized

Heart U Not also offers option for people who want to declare their fondness for another. Our offerings can shine a light on the object of your affection, whether you want to let someone know you are interested in them with our crush grams, work on your relationship with a counsel card, or give your love one a reminder with our upcoming love notes. We hope you enjoy our product selections and look forward to hearing from you.

Why use a heart u not card?

Just about everyone has been at the end of a relationship and not known exactly what to say.

With a Heart U Not card you can find those words in a stylish yet personal way.

More importantly, Heart U Not cards will allow you to maintain your dignity while showing your "soon to be Ex" the respect they deserve.



With the popularity of the NON face2face break up, I think it will be hard to keep enough of these cards in stock to handle the demand. - Carrie

Sure beats a break up text or e-mail! I hate it when people use digital means of breaking up. - Sarah